California homeowners insurance quotes

California homeowners insurance quotesCalifornia homeowners insurance quotes are very easy to find thanks to the California Department of Insurance (CDI). The CDI is one of the best tools to use when trying to find a great insurance quote. Not only does their website offer online comparisons, they also have a free hotline you can call for information.

The CDI’s primary interest is in ensuring that customers are not taken for a ride and that insurance companies have competitive pricing. They are a government run agency, thus have no ulterior motives in the way they promote insurance companies.

While the CDI is a great tool, you should still be doing your own research and meeting with different California homeowners insurance companies like or agents. When looking for a quote, you should know what kind of dangers you might need protection from, this is when an insurance agent can be particularly important.

Insurance agents or broker usually know a few ways to save your some money on your premium. For example, many insurance companies offer slight discounts on premiums and a good insurance agent will be able to take advantage of such discounts.

Most importantly, a good insurance agent should be able to walk you through the entirety of your insurance plan, leaving you with an absolute clear understanding of your policy, with no questions left unanswered. Any broker or agent that plainly states what the best plan for you is, but then is unwilling to sit and discuss said plan, should be avoided.

Some insurance brokers are independent contractors, and not an agent of a specific insurer. This means brokers will charge a fee for their services. In California, the customer must agree to the brokers fee in advance, after full disclosure. The two parties will sign a Broker Fee Agreement to seal the arrangement. Never sign any documents with blank spaces unfilled.

After you find an acceptable quote and get the paperwork in order, read through or have your insurance agent help you go through the entire agreement. Make sure everything you wanted is in the agreement and that limits, deductible, and coverage options are all what they should be.

While homeowners insurance in California from isn’t required, it is by far the safest choice you can make. Your house is one of the most important assets you’ll ever own, so keep it protected properly.

Remember, even though your neighbor has a great plan, everyone’s insurance needs will differ and all the quotes you get will too. Make sure to compare a wide variety of quotes to find the best one for your needs.