Illinois home insurance quotes

Illinois home insurance quotesOptional Coverage You May Want to Add to Your Home Insurance 

Homeowners insurance covers a lot of things when it comes to protecting your house and your belongings, but there are several options you may want to add to your policy. Every state has different coverage that has to do with the weather. When you are getting together your Illinois home insurance quotes from, you may want to consider adding the following extras to your policy just in case.

Fire and Lightning is probably already covered though the basic homeowners plan when you live in Illinois but you should review this with your insurance agent. You should let your agent know if you have any fire protection equipment in your home already, such as a fire extinguisher, a smoke alarm or even a sprinkler system. You may qualify for some discounts on your policy. Make sure that your regular coverage will take care of damages to your home and possessions in the event a fire breaks out.

Another area you will want to go over with your agent is hazard insurance. While fire, smoke and vandalism are covered, find out if there are any other hazards that would be covered as well. Your agent will be familiar with other circumstances and may suggest additional coverage for these areas.

It is very important that Illinois homeowners opt for windstorm coverage from as this state is one of the highest hit by tornadoes every year. On average, Illinois will endure around 54 tornadoes, so you must make sure you would be covered by wind damage. You may have to have a rider on your policy to make sure you would be covered in the event of windstorms, hail, and tornadoes but find out exactly what would be covered. This is an area that should not be left up to chance.

If you have a boat you may want to add a watercraft endorsement to your coverage. Your coverage will extend the liability and any medical payments to that anyone other than yourself who was injured on your boat would be covered. This would include jet skis, sailboats and any other boats or watercraft you have purchased. It would cover any damages if someone else used any of your watercraft as well.

Going over any extra coverage options is always a good thing before you complete your coverage needs. Make sure you have everything covered and are clear about the coverage.