Domain Names

The domain name resources in this section will help users to manage all their domain name assets.

It is important to consider domain names as assets. They have value. They can be considered an investment of sorts. They are virtual real estate. Everyone from beginners to professionals need to take on this understanding. It is amazing to find domain names that sell for tens of thousands of dollars at an expired domain name auction. Someone unwittingly let their domain expire. The domain registrar then sold it for a hefty price tag. The former owners could have been the ones making that sale.

In this section you will find a variety of recommended domain name tools:

Domain Name Registrars

There are a zillion registrars out there. We recommend one domain registrar that will meet the needs of both beginners and advanced users.

Private Domain Name Registration

While there is debate about the affect of a private domain name registration on SEO, we still feel privacy is essential in this SPAM laden world.

Domain Name Parking

Even domain names that are not currently developed can provide some means of income. Find out where to park your domain and how.

Domain Name Buying and Selling

Domain Names are virtual real estate. They can be bought and sold between individual parties. Find out some of the best places to buy and sell domain names.

Domain Name Auctions

Domain Names expire everyday. There are some quality domain names that can be bought for an very cheap price. Find out our favorite source for finding these domain name auctions.

The Domain Name Handbook

Don’t forget to check out my Domain Name Handbook, a simple look at choosing, registering and managing domain names. It is available as a free non-printable download.

Domain Name Blog Archives

Explore archived blog posts about domain name tools and topics.

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