Website Design Tutorials

Website design tutorials that can help sharpen your skills

The best way to learn anything about computers is to sit down and work through the basics on your own. In order to do so, some sort of reference book is needed to accomplish that task. For the beginner, technology books can be overwhelming. Two of our recommended sites offer video tutorials that are much better suited to visual learners.

The website design tutorials recommended below take a comprehensive view of website development.

An excellent family of website design tutorials is offered by As the author of these videos puts it, “The best way to learn how to do something is to just do it.” This site offers multiple video courses including The Complete Web Designer and The Complete Web Programmer.

Depending on the video series the tutorial cost can run anywhere from $50 to $150. These can range from 13 to 32 hours of material.

Another Killersites resource, How to Build Websites leads a beginner through 8 modules that describe in simple terms how to develop web sites. The 8 modules are:

  1. Basic web concepts
    • What is the Web
    • Domain Names
    • Getting Your Site Live on the Web
  2. Building a web page
    • Three Ways to Build a Web Page
    • HTML Tags
    • Structure of an HTML Page
    • Create Your First Page
  3. Building a web site
    • What is a website
    • Absolute vs. Relative URL
    • Define the purpose of web site
    • Diagram the structure of the website
    • Write out the text for the web site
    • Choose a basic layout that will be used on all pages
    • Choose the basic color scheme and fonts for the site
    • Build out the website
    • Choose a domain name
    • Register your domain name
    • Find a hosting company: what to look for in A hosT
    • Upload your website to the hosting companies servers
  4. Introduction to CSS
    • What is CSS
  5. CSS tutorial
    • Basic CSS Page Template
    • Building the CSS File
  6. Advanced HTML
    • Logical inline tags vs. Physical inline tags
    • Block level vs. Inline tags
  7. Introduction to JavaScript / programming
    • What is programming
    • Basic Javascript
    • Coding vs. Programming
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • built in method/function
  8. Misc. topics related to web design
    • The web designer’s Pre-flight Checklist
    • Definition of a 4th generation web site
    • hardware you need to start designing web sites
    • What ARE ‘LIGHT’ images?

Killersites’ Secret Sites takes the fundamentals and offers more advanced tips and tricks. The most helpful resources on this site include a web designer’s pre-flight checklist and a list of web site do’s and don’ts.

Another great site focused on providing comprehensive website design tutorials is has a HUGE catalog of website design tutorials. They cover everything from Photoshop to CSS to HTML to Marketing. It is very worthwhile to preview their selections! offers tutorials in 8 general areas:

  • 3D
  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Business
  • Design
  • Developer
  • Home Computing
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Web+Interactive

The video tutorials offer by are taught by professionals in their respective fields. Within the Web+Interactive category there are 236 different courses offered. is a subscription based service. A beginner can give it a whirl for $25/month.

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